#StocktonStrong is fueled by private, public, and civic leadership

to facilitate the flow of accurate information and ensure an agile, resilient, and collaborative response to COVID-19 in our community.

We will provide you with a single source for resources & ways to get involved in the COVID-19 response. Further, we will collect real-time data from community members to ensure we design effective relief programs and recommend the right resources to support you. While we regularly add to the site, please reach out to info@stocktonstrong.org if you find any information that should be updated. 

Stockton Strong Emerged in Response to COVID-19

In March 2020, when the city declared an emergency in response to COVID-19, the community was all hands on deck. But we needed a place to coordinate relief. The StocktonStrong coalition brings together public and private sectors and civic leaders to coordinate community-based COVID-19 response efforts in Stockton. With the support of former Mayor Michael Tubbs, the community helped to launch the coalition in March 2020, alongside key community partners at the Reinvent Stockton Foundation, and the Community Foundation of San Joaquin. To keep Stockton connected during this unprecedented time, dozens of community-based and faith-based organizations have gotten together to coordinate Stockton Strong’s COVID-19 response efforts. In August 2020, Stockton Strong brought on Keegen Gillette to coordinate the effort full-time and maintain the coalition as the COVID-19 pandemic continues through 2021. 

Stockton Strong Coalition & Community Partners

To join the Stockton Strong coalition, please email info@stocktonstrong.org with your name, organization (if any), and contact information.


Register to attend our biweekly Stockton Strong Community Coalition Meetings on Wednesdays at 10:00AM